Andreza, Alexandre Werneck

I'm feeling very excited that you are reading, even just an abstract, of my professional career, doing one of my favorite hobbies, software development. If I was working in a different area, for sure, code and computer science would be filling some hours of my day. I'm an enthusiast of efficient and clean code, process automatization by technology, software architectures, team tech leading, and customer experience.
Fullstack Developer | Mobile Developer | Machine learning researcher
Portuguese | English

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📱 Phone number: +55 21 98700 9793

✉️ Email: xanwerneck@gmail.com

👨🏻‍💻 Personal Site: xanwerneck.com.br

Alexandre Werneck - FullStack Developer - PUC-Rio | LinkedIn
Motivated daily by efficient code. My inspiration for computer science started since I was a child, a time when the hardware was get being more faster and available on desktops. After that, working on a management system and getting some knowlegdes how database works, the paradigm of system development touched me.

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Just organizing some of the programming languages and frameworks that I have worked on. 👀

Languages / Techs

Python 3Expertpython.pngDjango / Flask
PHPExpertphp-logo.pngLaravel / CI / Yii
React NativeExpertreact.png
HTML, CSSExperthtml5.pngcss.pngBootstrap / Foundation
JSAdvancedjavascript.pngReact / Angular / Vue / Inertia
C#Advancedcsharp.png.NetCore / Owin
Git / SVNMediumgit.pngCI / CD
AWSMediumaws.pngS2 / RDS / S3 / Traffic control